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Quality Assurance

Our commitment to our clients extends to providing the very best quality products and services in a creative and innovative manner.

To ensure this goal is achieved in a legal and efficient manner, we have established a quality program to provide our clients with the assurance that the products and services provided by the Company will meet current and future customer requirements.

A quality management system based upon AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 and other standards as required by our organization to meet our stakeholder’s needs and expectations covers all products produced by our Tiaro Sawmill.

Within DTM Timber the definition of standards should comply with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008. Specifically the implementation of this policy refers to the achievement of the above and following objectives:

  • To ensure the highest quality of service
  • To achieve a higher standards of customer satisfaction consistent with professional standards and ethics as defined by the professional bodies associated with the Quality Assurance Industry
  • To achieve and maintain a reputation and image of quality
  • To adopt an approach in the pursuit of all quality objectives

Through a system of review of our operations with our key stakeholders, we continuously monitor all levels and inputs into our organisation to achieve improvements wherever possible.

Above all, we deal openly with our clients, staff and suppliers to make sure that we begin and maintain honest, open and positive relationships. We recognize that these relationships are dynamic and need constant care and management.