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Environmentally Responsible

DTM Timber conducts its logging operations in accordance with strict Forestry guidelines having consideration for resource sustainability. Hardwood forests in Australia have the unique characteristic of regeneration without replanting. Waste generated during the sawing process is sold in the form of sawdust, and other landscaping material.

Our Commitment

We recognise that the Australian community has high expectations with regard to the environmental performance of companies such as ours.

We know that to continue to be a successful business we must constantly increase our understanding of environmental issues and take action to manage these issues.

Our environmental vision is to manage our business in a way which promotes sustainable forest management, increases the efficient use of resources and energy and reduces negative impacts on the environment.

Harvesting Practices

Strict Government guidelines apply to timber harvesting on both crown land and private property.

The vast majority of our resource supply comes from Private property and managed state forests in South East Queensland.

We are committed to working with the State Forest Agencies, Forest Owners, Regulators, Policy-Makers and other Key Stakeholders to achieve a sustainably managed resource base.

Regional Forest Agreement (RFA)

We support the development of a world class reserve system to protect the conservation values of Australia's native forests. We actively participate in the Regional Forest Agreement (RFA), currently being developed by the Commonwealth and the State Government through consultation with Environment Groups, Industry, Unions and Regional Communities.