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DTM Timber produces and distributes a wide range of hardwood and softwood products for the Australian market, with current markets being: New dwellings, Renovation, Landscape/gardening, Electricity infrastructure, Logistics, Forest management and supply.

DTM Timber focuses on producing high quality timber products with an emphasis on sourcing raw materials from growers who utilise sustainable forestry practices. Our hardwood timber is harvested from a variety of Queensland and NSW State Forests and private plantations.

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  • Photo of typical Australian forest used for logging
  • Photo of timber flooring used in a kitchen setting
  • Overhead photo of decking timber used for a large outdoor uncovered entertainment area
  • Photo of a DTM mill worker operating sawing equipment
  • Photo of timber flooring used to spectacular effect in combination with internal timber poles
  • Photo of a power pole installation using the assistance of a helicopter
  • Photo of treated timber being loaded on a truck for delivery

A brief history

DTM Timber has been in operation since 1988. From humble beginnings we have expanded rapidly to the large logging, sawmilling, timber treatment and structural quality timber distribution and sales business that exists today.

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Australian owned. Australian made.

DTM Timber is proud to make quality hardwood building products from Australian hardwood forests. DTM Timber currently has chain of custody (CoC) production ceritfication for hardwood from our sawmills.

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