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Cross Arms

DTM Timber is a long standing supplier of cross arms to the electricity distribution industry. This has been a core product of our business for over 25 years. We’re proud to be able to supply a number of energy company’s good quality sawn timber and power poles to supply electricity throughout Queensland.

DTM Timber is a major manufacturer and supplier of Australian timber hardwood cross-arms to both the domestic and international electricity distribution industry. We are the principal supply contractor to Ergon and Power Cor and a significant supplier of cross arms to several other major power utility network providers in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

DTM Timber supplies the majority of Australian hardwood cross arms to the primary electricity distributors in both the North and South Islands of New Zealand and Fiji as well as exporting cross arms to other Pacific Rim countries such as PNG, Samoa, and the Solomon Islands.

DTM Timbers integrated saw mill, manufacturing facility, and treatment plant located in the heart of the Queensland timber industry region, Tiaro, provides total control of milling, grading, boring, and treating operations. Our skilled graders and production staff understand timber characteristics and our multiple in-house inspections of every piece of timber ensure our cross arms meet or exceed your specifications.

When you purchase hardwood cross arms from DTM Timber you also gain the confidence of knowing that our products are backed by years of experience and our commitment to provide the best cross arms available in the industry.

Features and Benefits

  • DTM Cross Arms comply with the requirements of AS 3818.4 and are visually graded to the requirements of grade 1 and 2.
  • DTM Cross Arms end faces are protected by gang plates and have Caltex end sealer applied to them.
  • DTM Cross Arms have a 20-year warranty.* Conditions apply. Contact your DTM Timber sales representative for more information.
  • DTM Cross Arms are treated to H3 CCA.
  • Our cross arms are able to be produced in a variety of styles from bare undrilled blank cross arms up to a drilled, shunt plated, antisplit end nail plated, painted and stencilled product. The addition of painting and nail plates provide substantial long term cost savings by significantly extending the service life of the cross arm. All shunt and end plates used are quality galvanised Mitek products that can be applied to your product specifications.
  • We use a spray based painting system with quality exterior paint that enables a durable quality finish to be produced every time. We are also able to offer a stencilling service if required to add such items as product specifications or OHS information to the final product.
  • Timber drill facility allows pre-drilling of all cross arm sizes with patterns tailored to your specifications that enable a neat finish to be achieved and reduce or eliminate the need for drilling in the field there by reducing labour and equipment costs.
  • DTM Timber Cross Arms are available in a wide variety of sizes starting at 75 x 75mm and  going all the way up to 200 x 150 with the most commonly supplied sizes being:
    • Sizes: 100 x 75, 100 x 100, 125 x 100, 150 x 100, 150 x 125 and 175 x 125
    • Lengths from:   1.2 metres up to 6.3metres.
    • Other sizes and lengths are available upon request.
  • Each DTM Cross Arm is visually inspected to AS 3818-4 and found free from transverse fractures, gum and resin pockets, shakes, knots and splits greater than 3mm wide and longitudinal splits extending more than 300mm along the arm length in the critical zone.
Commonly Supplied Species Details
SpeciesShrinkage RateJanka Hardness Rating Green (kN)
Spotted Gum4.5% Radial, 6% Tangential8.0
Iron Bark3.5% Radial, 7.5% Tangential11.0
Gympie Messmate3.5% Radial, 6% Tangential7.7
Blackbutt4% Radial, 7% Tangential7.3
Forest Red Gum5% Radial, 8% Tangential12.0
Grey Box3.5% Radial, 7.5% Tangential11.0
White Mahogany3.5% Radial, 6% Tangential8.5
Tallowwood4.% Radial, 6% Tangential7.6

Other species may be supplied subject to customer specifications and applicable Australian Standards.

Handling and Storage

  • Prior to transport each pack / bundle shall be permanently marked for identification with the appropriate customer stock code, a description of items and quantities.
  • DTM Cross Arms are delivered to a storage site nominated by the client.
  • DTM Cross Arms are stacked to ensure that they are adequately protected from direct sunlight and weather.
  • DTM Cross Arms should always be stored to allow for stock rotation.
  • At all stages of production and testing all precautions are taken to ensure no mechanical damage to the cross arms through handling, transport and storage.