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DTM Timber has a wide range of Structural Timber that has proven durability for Australian conditions.


Unseasoned (Green) sawn and sized hardwood scantling, intended for use in general building construction.

Cut to any end section ranging from 25mm-350mm up to 6.0m in length dependant on species and log size/availability.

Lengths from 6-8m available on application dependant on species and log size/availability.

Unseasoned hardwood can be supplied in the following grades/appearance:

  • Appearance Grade
  • F14 Australian Hardwood
  • F17 Australian Hardwood
  • Dressed All Round
  • Pencil Round Edges

Technical Specifications

  1. That the timber supplied may be made up of the following Australian species in SD 1 and 2 strength group harvested in accordance with Queensland Forestry regulations.
    Spotted GumCorymbia maculata, Corymbia citriodora, Corymbia henryi
    Red IronbarkEucalyptus sideroxylon
    Grey IronbarkEucalyptus drepanophylla, Eucalyptus paniculata
    White StringybarkEucalyptus eugenioides
    BlackbuttEucalyptus pilularis
    Forest Red GumEucalyptus tereticornis, Eucalyptus blakelyi
    Gympie MessmateEucalyptus cloeziana
  3. All relevant Australian Standard documents, including the following:
    1. AS 2082-2007 Visually Stress-Graded Hardwood for Structural Purposes
    2. AS 3818.1-2009 Heavy Structural Products - Visually Graded - General Requirements
    3. AS 2796 - 2006 Timber - Hardwood Sawn and Milled Products
    4. AS 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems (certification No 3574)
    5. AS 1604-2010 Timber - Preservative Treated - Sawn