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Decking Fixing and Finishing


  • DTM Decking should be fixed and finished as per Timber Queensland installation and finishing instructions. All fixings in weather exposed conditions should be hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel nails (not zinc plated). For corrosive environments such as around pools, stainless steel nails and fixtures should be used to ensure longer life for your deck.


  • There are a number of finishing options for timber decks including leaving a natural finish. Exposure to weather will eventually result in the surface colour of uncoated decking changing to a silver grey colour. To maintain colour and achieve maximum life from DTM Decking apply an appropriate sealing coat to the surface. The use of penetrating oil or stain finishes will help protect decking from weathering.


  • The frequency of maintenance will depend on the type of finish and how much exposure to weather your deck endures. Regular cleaning of your deck should be done by dry methods such as sweeping. Pot plants should be placed on trays to prevent overflowing. It is recommended to use specialist timber decking cleaners to remove ground in dirt.
  • To achieve long-term performance from your deck a regular maintenance program in regard to your selected finish coatings should be reapplied. Decking in weather-exposed conditions will require reapplication of the decking finish at shorter intervals. On average you should expect protection for 12 months from oils and 1-2 years from stains. For further information about maintenance, finishing and fixing details visit the Timber Queensland website at: